Big broad selection of spices, peppers, nuts, all kinds of nice different stuff in jars and scooper bins and boxes. Plants, roses, veggies, herbs, unusual and some weird plants. A broad range of knowledge. Good service. Florals. Pond stuff. Yard decor. Lots of eye candy if you just want to visit. Usually, I find surprises. Prices are good and sales prices are real sales prices.


Excellent variety of garden plants and flowers. Fresh, locally grown produce and little knick-knacks to decorate my space, just my style! Small, local & great prices.


Pepper & Petals LLC is the place for anything you need from flowers, gardening products, fresh local produce, roasted pueblo chile, delicious local jam and jelly and much more fun stuff!




Monday to Sunday

9:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Phone: (719) 546-3137

Address: 2115 Santa Fe Dr, Pueblo, CO 81006